Scott Pilgrim vs the World, Richard Kenworthy @ Shynola 2010
Alien: Resurrection , Scarlet Letters 1997

It is high time to celebrate the film title sequence and its creators, directors, musicians, graphic designers, often unknown, forgotten or worse: not credited.

Here is the first French website gathering the most beautiful title sequences in the world!

Enjoy the show!

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Here is our database of film opening sequences.

It is not exhaustive but we hope it will be one day.

Our goal is to show the wide range of styles and forms title sequence can have, and prove it is legitimate as a visual art in its own right.

We are not judging here, we are just witnesses and historians, eager to foster this art.

If you think we have forgotten sequences deserving to be listed here, please let us know. We have sorted them by decade, to better emphasize styles and periods.

The wall of titles provides an overview of trends from 1910 to the present.

Rate your favorite sequences to take part in the internaiuts' Top 100.

Enjoy the show!

All titles sequences are protected by copyrights: Time Warner, 20th Century Fox, Sony, Warner Bros, Paramount, Universal, Lionsgate, Revolution, Europa Corp, Pathé, Gaumont, Canal+, … 

INTERVIEW of Pablo Ferro

“I created the “quick cut technique” by editing because animation taught me every frame means something; you draw the movement, how fast or slow you make things.”

VIEWPOINT OF Laure Chapalain

“How could we bring the many title creators to light if the most famous one is ignored?”

INFLUENCE of Remi Grelow

While blood, red and charged with symbolism is omnipresent on our cinema screens, it may be pertinent to ask if it also flows between the lines of title sequences in recent years. Or to put it another way, are the coming years going to be blood-soaked?

Making of Le Petit Nicolas de Laurent Tirard

KUNTZEL+DEYGAS, directors of the main titles of Le Petit Nicolas : “The other basic rule is completely linked to the first one, and is, according to us, the key to the charm of this title sequence: we imposed on ourselves the non animation of Sempé’s drawings... ”
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In which title sequence is Joe Pesci breaking the speed limit?
  • Goodfellas
  • Lethal Weapon
  • Home Alone

Top Internaute

1 - It's a mad mad mad mad world
2 - Mon Oncle
3 - Anatomy of a Murder
4 - The mouse that roared
5 - Une femme est une femme

Top 10 de Cédric Klapisch

  • The classiest “James Bond" (the first ones)
  • The funniest “Austin Powers” (the second one I think)
  • The most UFO I think it is “Lorna” by Russ Meyer. I remember a sports car taken up to very high speed on a straight desert road. You can perceive a priest silhouette in the distance. The car stops in front of him. He says: “Don’t go any further”. The sports car avoids him and keeps driving. The opening credits unfold during this little sequence, wonderful!
  • The most groundbreaking “Tracks” (on Arte channel), Delicatessen, Se7en
  • The most soul-stirring “In the mood for love”
  • The most musical “When we were kings” or “Do the right thing” (Spike Lee) or “West side story”
  • The most better than the film ...
  • The most worse than the film ...
  • The most bungled ...
  • The very best TBD “Pierrot le fou”