Making a title sequence is the subtle art of mixing images, typography and music. It is an unsung part of our history of art we want to bring into light by creating “We love your names – The art of film title sequence”. It is high time to celebrate the film title sequence and its creators (directors, music composers, graphic designers), often unknown, forgotten or worse: not credited.

For all those reasons, we commit to:


• Promoting “the art of film title sequence” among graphic designers, students and professionals, producers, directors, critics, the media, musicians and more widely to anyone likely to be interested in the topic, as well as among the general public.

• Defending “the art of film title sequence” among institutions, schools, the media, producers, directors, critics and more widely to anyone likely to have an opinion or an influence on the topic.

• Creating diffusion and communication tools to make “the art of film title sequence” more visible among the greater number.

• Organizing an international opening credits festival so that “the art of film title sequence” is recognized as a real craft-within-the craft in the film and graphic art industries.

Cinema being the most popular visual art in the world, our goal is to arouse curiosity and interest of the general public and all the professionals of image and graphic design on this very special yet unsung art.