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They already support us : le Musée des Arts Décoratifs de Paris - Marc Lecarpentier - Cédric Klapisch - Fernand Berenguer - Alexandre Tylski - Michel Bouvet - Etienne Robial - Jacqueline Fouchet - Fred Grojean - Olivier Marquézy - Kook Ewo - Laurent Brett - Olivier Patté - Alexandre Tylski.


“We Love Your Names”,
the association


President: Laure Chapalain

Vice-president: Éric Brocherie

Secretary: Magali Lambert

Treasurer: Jérôme Hinstin

Founding members: Jeffrey Blunden, Anne Meige and Hervé Tissot


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Special Thanks to

Marion Bazin for the translation, Benjamin Mosnier for programming the website and for the ideas, Lionel Perrin for hosting the site, Raphaël Mas for his advices about music, Olivier Marquézy, Kook Ewo, Laurent Brett, Kuntzel+Deygas for the name, Anne Meige
for her top-­notch dinners, Hoang Nguyen and his team of CsurParis, Grégoire Pierre, Jean‐François Bourrel, Saul Bass, Pablo Ferro, Kyle Cooper…